Talkr: More than Blog Reading

September 28, 2007

Most people know of Talkr by the flag ship blog reader. Add talker to your blog site and have all of your text converted to an mp3 podcast. What many people don’t know about are the other FREE services offers in addition to the blog reader:

Record.Talkr:A helpful little tool that you can use to record all incoming and outgoing audio on your machine.

Mail.Talkr: Don’t feel like typing. With this handy little download that plugs into Outlook or Outlook Express, you can record your message and send it in audio format!

Gamer.Talkr: Does your favorite MMO not offer integrated voice chat? Need a way to communicate outside of the game with guild members? Not only does this awesome tool let you talk instantly with up to 4o of your friends, you can embed it directly on your guild page. Keep the competition out with optional password protection!

Pushto.Talkr: Annoying phone calls or background conversations can ruin a voice chat quickly. This small tool lets you instantly turn your microphone settings all the way down before you let loose into a telemarketer or whine to your mom about taking out the trash.

Radio.Talkr: Your entire blog instantly in mp3 format. Step one: Paste your Feedburner feed url into the first box. Step two: Click the Generate Code button. Step Three: Copy and paste the new code onto any html page.

Media: Not only can you choose what radio station to listen to, you can take it with you to what ever site you build. Copy the code available below the player and BANG! Instant Radio on your website.


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