HELP! I can’t get into a website anymore!

September 28, 2007

Do you have a vender website at work that you have been using for years, and then all of a sudden last week you are left scratching your head as to why you cannot access it anymore?

Most websites involving companies that your business may be purchasing from have a default web page that you type your username and password into. After that a window pops up with all the information you need to make purchases and direct business.

Think back to last week (or insert your time period here). Did this problem start happening after you installed a fancy new toolbar from Google, or maybe Yahoo?

Both of these add ons for Internet Explorer and Firefox come with pop up blockers that are by default set to on. Remember that if you have the native IE or FireFox pop up blockers set to off, that little pop up window that use to come up on that familiar site is still going to get blocked by Yahoo or Google if you do not add that address to the safe list, or if you do not turn the block features off for that toolbar.

I have had many calls from people about this problem, and 95% of the time, Yahoo or Google tool bar is the culprit.


2 Responses to “HELP! I can’t get into a website anymore!”

  1. Josh Says:

    Everyone else can acsess this website except me it displays ”This page cannot be displayed” please help.

  2. Jack Says:

    I found this address and thought it sounded like fun but it wont pull up any Ideas?

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