Air Native N7 Nike Shoe

September 26, 2007

After an independent study of 224 individuals, Nike found that on average the foot of a Native American is 3 times as wide and tall as a normal foot. Their answer: Air Native N7 – The first shoe designed specifically for the Native American. The shoe was reportedly “designed from the inside out for the comfort and health of the Native American foot.” It makes me wonder why ALL popular brand shoes can’t be designed that way and still sell for $42…

Nike Air Native N7


One Response to “Air Native N7 Nike Shoe”

  1. This is great for the 100% native americans but what about me? My great, great grandma was an Indian who married a German immigrant. I inherited dark skin, dark eyes, somewhat broad nose, black hair, stand 5’3″, am over weight, diabetic…but most of all I have wide (at least 4E) width toes, very high arch, narrow to normal heel width, and short foot length. What can Nike do for me? How can I get shoes that fit.? I have never in 65 years had a pair of shoes that actually fit MY feet.

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